Working Papers


2019/1 Who matters in coordination problems on networks: myopic or farsighted agents?Ana Mauleon,  Simon Schopohl,  Akylai Taalaibekova, Vincent Vannetelbosch

2019/2: Distributed ledgers and financial market infrastructures  Randy Priem

2019/3: A bargaining set for roommate problem Ata Atay, Ana Mauleon, Vincent Vannetelbosch

2019/4 : Risk management practices of central counterparties: European vs. third-country CCPs Randy Priem, Alexandre Girard

2019/5: Access to Justice and Economic Development: Evidence from an International Panel Dataset A. Deseau, A. Levai, M. Schmiegelow


2018/1 Communication With Optional Verification  Simon Schopohl

2018/2 Culture du redoublement dans l’enseignement obligatoire : dégâts collatéraux dans l’enseignement supérieur  Jean-Paul Lambert

2018/3 Common Ranking and Stability of Overlapping Coalitions Ana Mauleon, Nils Roehl and Vincent Vannetelbosch

2018/4 Network Formation with Myopic and Farsighted Players Chenghong Luo, Ana Mauleon, Vincent Vannetelbosch

2018/5: R&D Network Formation with Myopic and Farsighted Firms, Ana Mauleon, Jose J. Sempere-Monerris, Vincent Vannetelbosch

2018/6: Le décret inscription : la vérité si je mens (Regards économiques n°138 – Mai 2018) Benoît Decerf, Gilles Grandjean et Tom Truyts

2018/7: shadow links, Manuel Foerster, Ana Mauleon, Vincent J. Vannetelbosch

2018/8: Enseignement, il faut rééquilibrer les priorités en FWB. Jean-Paul Lambert

2018/9: Preferences and strategic behavior in public goods games. Gilles Grandjean, Mathieu Lefebvre et Marco Mantovani

2018/10: Reforming the fiscal treatment of company cars: the CoCaTax micro-simulation model. Gilles Grandjean, Christophe Speth, Tom Truyts, Fanny Vanrykel


2017/1 Matching with Myopic and Farsighted Agents , P. Jean-Jacques Herings, Ana Mauleon, Vincent Vannetelbosch

2017/2 Monopoly price discrimination and privacy: the hidden cost of hiding ,Paul Belleflamme, Wouter Vergote

2017/3 Price discrimination and dispersion under asymmetric profiling of consumers , Paul Belleflamme, Wynne Lam and Wouter Vergote

2017/4 Constitutions and Groups , Ana Mauleon, Nils Roehl, Vincent Vannetelbosch

2017/5 Antidumping as a signaling device under the WTO’s ADA non-disclosure clause , Arastou Khatibi, Wouter Vergote

2016/1 Qu’est-ce qu’un bon système d’enseignement supérieur?, Jean-Paul Lambert

2016/2 Variable Markups in the long-run: a generalization of preferences in growth models , Raouf Boucekkine, Hélène Latzer and Mathieu Parenti

2016/3 Stable Sets in matching problems with coalitional sovereignty and path dominance , Jean-Jacques Herings, Ana Mauleon and Vincent Vannetelbosch

2016/4 Entry in First-price Auctions with Signaling , Olivier Bos and Tom Truyts

2016/5 On symbols and cooperation, Tom Potoms and Tom Truyts

2016/6 Internationalisation des universités en Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles. Une attractivité en trompe-l’oeil, Jean-Paul Lambert

2016/7 A note on interim stability in one-to-one matching problems, Wouter Vergote

2016/8 The Eurozone deposit rates’ puzzle: choosing the right benchmark, Julien Pinter

2015/1 Net Energy Ratio, EROEI and the Macroeconomy , Jean-François Fagnart and Marc Germain

2015/2 Choix des orientations d’études et besoins de la société , Jean-Paul Lambert

2015/3 One-to-one matching problems with location restrictions , Wouter Vergote

2015/4 Strong Sustainability, Rent and Value Added sharing , Jean-François Fagnart et Marc Germain

2015/5 Rationalisation de l’offre universitaire et structuration du Paysage , Jean-Paul Lambert

2015/6 On the purpose, legitimacy and adequacy of university entry and orientation tests, Jean-Paul Lambert

2014/1 Stochastic dominance tests for momentum strategies: a boostrap versus subsampling approach, Anouk claes, Fan Wu

2014/2 On the indeterminacy of the optimal tuition fees for a monopoly university , Julien Jacqmin et Xavier Wauthy

2014/3 From Bertrand to Cournot via Kreps and Scheinkman: a hazardous journey , Xavier Wauthy

2014/4 Stability of Networks under Level-K Farsightedness, Jean-Jacques Herings, Ana Mauleon and Vincent Vannetelbosch

2014/5 Auctions with Prestige Motives , Olivier Bos and Tom Truyts

2014/6 Accès à l’enseignement supérieur: un enjeu politique et économique majeur, Jean-Paul Lambert

2014/7 Enseignement supérieur : la Belgique en panne ? , Jean-Paul Lambert

2014/8 Stratégie de Lisbonne et niveau de formation. Pourquoi l’ascenceur social ne fonctionne plus en FWB, Jean-Paul Lambert

2014/9 Network formation among rivals, Gilles Grandjean and wouter Vergote

2014/10 Energy, complexity and sustainable long-term growth , Jean-François Fagnart and Marc Germain

2014/11 Can the energy transition be smooth?, Jean-François Fagnart and Marc Germain

2014/12 Strategic Communication in Social Networks , Manuel Forster

2013/1 cahier2013_1Stereotypes and typicality: their effect on relational chain, Max Bienfait, Frédéric Nils, Alain Decrop and Denis Bertinchamps

2013/2 Limited farsightedness in network formation , Georg Kirchsteiger, Marco Mantovani, Ana Mauleon and Vincent Vannetelbosch

2013/3 Contractually stable alliances , Ana Mauleon, Jose Sempere-Monerris and Vincent Vannetelbosch

2013/4 Relative concerns and delays in bargaining with private information , Ana Mauleon and Vincent Vannetelbosch

2013/5 Allocation rules for coalitional network games , Jean-François Caulier, Ana Mauleon and Vincent Vannetelbosch

2013/6 Trust and manipulations in social networks , Manuel Forster, Ana Mauleon and Vincent Vannetelbosch

2013/7 Dominance invariant one-to-one matching problems , Ana Mauleon, Elena Molis, Vincent Vannetelbosch and Wouter Vergote

2013/8 Soutenabilité forte, rente et partage de la valeur ajoutée , Jean-François Fagnart, Marc Germain et Alphonse Magnus

2013/9 A guiding framework for ecosystem services monetization in ecological economic modelling , Mateo Cordier, Bertrand Hamaide, J. Perrez-Agundez, Walter Hecq

2013/10 Cooperation, competition and market entry , Gilles Granjean, Daniela Tellone and Wouter Vergote

2013/11 Who are you talking with? An experiment on group play and communication , Gilles Granjean,Marco Mantovani, Ana Mauleon and Vincent Vannetelbosch

2013/12 The liberalization of tuition fees: a theoretical assessment , Julien Jacqmin and Xavier Wauthy

2013/13 Allocating value among farsighted players in network formation, N. Carayol, R. Delille and V. Vannetelbosch

2013/14 Constitutions and social networks , A. Mauleon, N. Röhl and V. Vannetelbosch

2013/15 Preference for redistribution and social structure , E. Schokkaert and T. Truyts

2013/16 Stochastic signaling with exogenous information , T. Truyts

2013/17 The political economy of Belgium’s return to agricultural trade protectionism , T. Truyts and M. Van Dijck

2012/1 Stereotypes about service jobs and their impact on interpersonal relationships , Max Bienfait, Alain Decrop

2012/2 Availability of Information and Representation Effects in the Centipede Game, Paolo Crosetto and Marco Mantovani

2012/3 Stereotypes about service jobs. What about their valence and centrality? , Max Bienfait, Frederic Nils and Denis Bertinchamps

2012/4 An expost view of inequality of opportunity in France and its regions, Jean-François Carpantier and Christelle Sapata

2012/5 Macroéconomie de court terme et politique climatique: Quelques leçons d’un modèle d’offre et demande globale, Jean-François Fagnart et Marc Germain

2012/6 Economie des contenus numériques: bientôt la fin du gratuit , Paul Belleflamme et Xavier Wauthy

2012/7 Platform competition and vertical differentiation, Jean Gabszewicz and Xavier Wauthy

2012/8 Recreational value of regional forests: the case of belgium walloon region , Vincent Colson, Philippe Lejeune, Jacques Rondeux and Bertrand Hamaide

2012/9 Croissance et environnement: la pensée et les faits , Bertrand Hamaide, Sylvie Faucheux, Martin Nève, Martin O’Connor

2012/10 Distance and Proximity in nature reserve site selection with spatial spread risk heterogeneity , Bertrand Hamaide, Heidi J. Albers and Gwenlyn Busby

2012/11 The timing of contests , Gilles Grandjean and Petros Sekeris

2012/12 Bargaining and delay in trading networks , Mikel Bedayo, Ana Mauleon and Vincent Vannetelbosch

2011/1 Endogenous network formation in Tullock contests , Daniela Tellone and Wouter Vergote

2011/2 A Theory of Shared Governance in Higher Education, Julien Jacqmin

2011/3 Collusion in Repeated Auctions: a Simple Dynamic Mechanism, Wouter Vergote

2011/4 Absolutely Stable Roomate Problems, Ana Mauleon, Elena Molis, Vincent Vannetelbosch and Wouter Vergote

2011/5 Graduated Punishments in Public Good Games, Allard van der Made

2011/6 Nesting horizontal and vertical differentiation: a note, Jean Gabszewicz and Xavier Wauthy

2011/7 La régulation des industries de réseau en Belgique, Alexandre de Streel, Axel Gautier et Xavier Wauthy

2011/8 Stable and Efficient Coalitional Networks, Jean-Francois Caulier, Ana Mauleon, Jose Sempere-Monneris, Vincent Vannetelbosch

2011/9 Risk-sharing Stability and Farsighted Stability, Gilles Grandjean

2011/10 Who are the Worst-off when Preferences Matter? , Christelle Sapata

2011/11 Fire and Outbreaks and Pests, Oh My ! Spatially -correlated Risk in Reserve Site Selection , Gwenlin M. Busby, Heidi J. Albers, Bertrand Hamaide, Amy A. Ando and Stephen Polaski

2010/1 Expermimental results on the roomate problem , Elena Molis and Róbert F. Veszteg

2010/2 Coalition formation among farsighted agents, Jean-Jacques Herings, Ana Mauleon and Vincent Vannetelbosch

2010/3 A characterization of farsightedly stable networks, Gilles Grandjean, Ana Mauleon and Vincent Vannetelbosch

2010/4 On the measurement of Fragmentation, Jean-François Caulier

2010/5 Trade policy in the face of price and non-price strategies, Arastou Khatibi and Wouter Vergote

2010/6 Competitively neutral universale service obligations, Axel Gautier and Xavier Wauthy

2010/7 Ensuring quality provision through capacity regulation under price competition, Nicolas Boccard and Xavier Wauthy

2010/8 Quantitative versus qualitative growth with recyclable resource, Jean-François Fagnart and Marc Germain

2010/9 Myopic or Farsighted? An Experiment on Network Formation, Marco Mantovani, Georg Kirchsteiger, Ana Mauleon and Vincent Vannetelbosch

2010/10 Bargaining and Delay in Patent Licensing, Ana Mauleon, Cecilia Vergari and Vincent Vannetelbosch

2010/11 Unions’ Relative Concerns and Strikes in Wage Bargaining, Ana Mauleon, Cecilia Vergari and Vincent Vannetelbosch

2010/12 Certified Emission Reductions Weights for Improved CDM Projects, Melissa François and Bertrand Hamaide

2010/13 Species Protection From Current Reserves : Economic and Biological Considerations, Spatial Issues and Policy Evaluation, Bertrand Hamaide and Jack Sheerin

2009/1 On the Nature if Price competition under Universal Service Obligations : a Note, Axel Gauthier and Xavier Wauthy

2009/2 A note on the monotonicity and superadditivity of TU cooperative games, Jean-François Caulier

2009/3 Connections among farsighted agents, Gilles Grandjean, Ana Mauleon and Vincent Vannetelbosch

2009/4 Exchange of indivisible goods and indifferences : The top trading absorbing sets mechanisms, Jorge Alcade-Unzu and Elena Molis

2009/5 On the Feasibility of Perpetual Growth in a Decentralized Economy Subject to Environmental Constraints, Jean-François Fagnart and Marc Germain

2009/6 Endogenous network formation in patent contests and its role as a barrier to entry, Marco Marinucci and Wouter Vergote

2009/7 7 strong_rational_sets03, Gilles Grandjean, Ana Mauleon and Vincent Vannetelbosch

2009/8 The Stability of the Roommate Problem Revisited, E. Inarra, C. Larrea and E. Molis.

2009/9 Cooperative Network Games: The core and the Shapley value as link-based solutions, Jean-François Caulier

2008/1 Impact du passage à la T2A : une modélisation pour l’hôpital public, David Crainich, Hervé Leleu et Ana Mauleon

2008/2 Data Games : Sharing Pulblic Goods with Exclusion, Pierre Dehez and Daniela Tellone

2008/3 3 wauthy-googleLa Gratuité c’est le vol payant ! Google, le Web 2.0 et le modèle économique du gratuit : une industrie à réguler ?, Xavier Wauthy

2008/4 Market Integration in Network Industries, Ana Mauleon, Vincent Vannetelbosch and Cecilia Vergari

2008/5 Market Integration in Network Industries, Xavier Wauthy

2008/6 Endogeneous social capital in joint liability lending through mutual insurance, Wouter Vergote

2008/7 Sleeping giants or global competitors? , Jean-Christophe Defraigne

2008/8 On the Nature of Equilibria when Bertrand meets Edgeworth on Hotelling’s Main Street , Nicolas Boccard and Xavier Wauthy

2008/9 Contractually stable networks, Jean-François Caulier, Ana Mauleon and Vincent Vannetelbosch

2007/1 On the Role of Retaliation in Trade Agreements, Alberto Martin and Wouter Vergote

2007/2 Degré d’Attractivité de la Région Bruxelloise: Quelques Indicateurs, Carole Dembour et Marianne Storme

2007/3 Teaching versus Research: the Role of Internal Financing Rules in Multi-Department Universities, Axel Gautier and Xavier Wauthy

2007/4 L’appropriabilité économique des biens de contenu, Jean Gabszewicz et Xavier Wauthy

2007/5 Concurrence et régulation sur les marchés de plate-forme: une introduction, Xavier Wauthy

2007/6 Network Competition in a Market where Cross Externalities Induce Vertical Differentiation, Jean Gabszewicz et Xavier Wauthy

2007/7 von Neumann-Morgenstern Farsightedly Stable Sets in Two-Sided Matching, Ana Mauleon, Vincent Vannetelbosch and Wouter Vergote

2006/1 International R&D Collaboration Networks, Huasheng Song and Vincent Vannetelbosch

2006/2 Multi-Agent Spiral Software Engineering: A Lakatosian Approach, Christophe Schinckus, Yves Wautelet and Manuel Kolp

2006/3 The Optimality of Hospital Financing System: the Role of Physician-Manager Interactions, David Crainich, Hervé Leleu and Ana Mauleon

2006/4 Hospital’s activity-based financing system and manager – physician interaction, David Crainich, Hervé Leleu and Ana Mauleon

2006/5 Networks of Free Trade Agreements among Heterogeneous Countries, Ana Mauleon, Huasheng Song and Vincent Vannetelbosch

2006/6 Université et Concurrence: Quelques Apports Théoriques Récents, Xavier Wauthy

2006/7 Les Connaissances Linguistiques en Belgique, Jonathan Van Parys and Sven Wauters

2006/8 Entry under Capacity Limitation and Vertical Differentiation: return of the Judo Economics, Xavier Wauthy and Nicolas Boccard

2006/9 Farsightedly Stable Networks Jean-Jacques Herings, Ana Mauleon and Vincent Vannetelbosch

2005/1 Internal Capital Market Efficiency of Belgian Holding Companies, Axel Gautier and Malika Hamadi

2005/2 Microeconomic Uncertainty and Macroeconomic Indeterminacy, Jean-François Fagnart, Olivier Pierrard and Henri Sneessens

2005/3 Mencion de Calidad: Reducing Inefficiency in Higher Education Markets when There Are Networks Externalities, Elena Del Rey and Xavier Wauthy

2005/4 Strategic Union Delegation and Incentives for Mergers, Ana Mauleon and Vincent Vannetelbosch

2005/5 Equilibrium Payoffs in a Bertrand-Edgeworth Model with Product Differentiation, Nicolas Boccard and Xavier Wauthy

2005/6 Market Integration and Strike Activity, Ana Mauleon and Vincent Vannetelbosch

2005/7 Higher Education Choices, Student’s Risk Aversion and Learning-to-Learn, David Bardey, David Crainich, Louis Eeckhoudt and Xavier Wauthy

2005/8 Networks of Manufacturers and Retailers, Ana Mauleon, Jose Sempere-Monerris and Vincent Vannetelbosch

2005/9 A Characterization of Stochastically Stable Networks, Olivier Tercieux and Vincent Vannetelbosch

2004/1 Biological reserves Rare Species and the Opportunity Cost of Diversity, Bertrand Hamaide, Charles S. ReVelle and Scott A. Malcolm

2004/2 RandD networks among unionized firms, Ana Mauleon, Jose Sempere-Monneris and Vincent J. Vannetelbosch

2004/3 Two-sided markets, price competition and multihoming, Jean Gabszewicz and Xavier Wauthy

2004/4 Regulating quality by regulating quantity: a case against minimum quality standards, Nicolas Boccard and Xavier Wauthy

2004/5 General education versus vocational training: How do they affect individuallabour market performance?, Pavlina Karasiotou

2004/6 Quelles frontières pour l’agglomération bruxelloise, Carole Dembour

2004/7 Le rail belge s’ouvre à la concurrence. Peut-on tirer parti de l’expérience étrangère ?, Axel Gautier

2004/8 Régulation et concurrence dans le transport collectif urbain, Aurélie Coppe et Axel Gautier

2003/1 Régulation et concurrence dans le transport collectif urbain, Susana Peralta, Xavier Wauthy and Tanguy van Ypersele

2003/2 Competition for business location: a survey Carole Dembour

2003/3 Investment in public infrastructures and tax competition between contiguous regions, Carole Dembour and Xavier Wauthy

2003/4 Education, unemployment and earnings: decomposing the effect of education on earnings, Pavlina Karasiotou

2003/5 Teaching versus research: a multitasking approach to multi-department universities, Axel Gautier and Xavier Wauthy

2003/6 Financing Infrastructure under budget constraints, Axel Gautier and Manipushpak Mitra

2003/7 Effective number of relevant parties, Jean-François Caulier et Patrick Dumont

2003/8 Information acquisition in repeated relationship, Axel Gautier and Manipushpak Mitra

2002/1 Ensuring quality provision in deregulated industry, Nicolas Boccard and Xavier Wauthy

2002/2 Quality Selection, Quotas and the Mode of Competition, Xavier Wauthy and Nicolas Boccard

2002/3 Economic and Environmental Impacts of Various Climate Policy Scenarios, Bertrand Hamaide

2002/4 Les aspects financiers des accords de la Saint-Boniface, Anne-Marie de Kerchove, Jean-Paul Lambert, Géraldine Vanderstichele

2002/5 The benefits and costs of winner picking: Redistribution and incentives, Axel Gautier and Florian Heider

2002/6 Regulation of an open access essential facility, Axel Gautier and Manipushpak Mitra

2001/1 Another perverse effect of monopoly power, Jean J. Gabszewicz and Xavier Y. Wauthy

2001/2 The Option of joint Purchase in Vertically Differentiated Industries, Jean Gabszewicz and Xavier Wauthy

2001/3 Enforcing Quality Leapfrogging through Quotas, Nicolas Boccard and Xavier Wauthy

2001/4 Research and development, voluntary export restriction and tariffs: a comment Xavier Wauthy

2001/5 Choix des études supérieures et motivations des étudiant(e)s, Anne-Marie de Kerchove and Jean-Paul Lambert

2001/6 How does imperfect competition in the labour market affect unemployment policies, Xavier Y. Wauthy and Y. Zénou

2001/7 Demande de traitement et risque exogène, David Crainich

2001/8 Théorie du risque et décision médicale, David Crainich

2000/1 Import quotas foster imitation in vertically differentiated duopolies, Nicolas Boccard and Xavier Wauthy

2000/2 Import Restraints and horizontal differentiation, Nicolas Boccard and Xavier Wauthy

2000/3 Betrand-Edgeworth competition and product differentiation: Hotelling revisited Nicolas Boccard and Xavier Wauthy

2000/4 On price competition with complementary goods, Jean Gabszewicz, Nathalie Sonnac and Xavier Wauthy

2000/5 Comorbidities in cost benefit analyses of health care, Han Bleichrodt David Crainich and Louis Eeckhoudt

2000/6 Bad Debts and the Cleaning of Balance Sheets: an Application to Transition Economies, Janet Mitchell

1999/1 Bertrand Competition and Cournot Outcomes: further Results, Xavier Wauthy and Nicolas Boccard

1999/2 Relaxing Bertrand Competition: Capacity Commitment Beats Quality Differentiation, Xavier Wauthy et Nicolas Boccard

1999/3 Relaxing Bertrand Competition: Capacity Commitment Beats Quality Differentiation, Hylke Vandenbussche et Xavier Wauthy

1999/4 Optimal Strategies in n-Person Unilaterally Competitive Games, Olivier De Wolf

1999/5 Banking Crises and Bank Rescues: the Role of Reputation, Janet Mitchell

1999/6 Theories of Soft Budget Constraints and the Analysis of Banking Crises,  Janet Mitchell