– 09:30 – 10h15 : Andrea Galeotti (London Business School): Trading in Large Networks

– 10h15 – 11h00 : Francesco Nava (London School of Economics) and Anja Prummer (Queen Mary University of London): Norm Dynamics

– 11h30 – 12h15 : Manuel Foerster ( University of Hamburg), Ana Mauleon (UCLouvain Saint-Louis – Bruxelles) and Vincent Vannetelbosch (UCLouvain): Shadow Links

– 12h15 – 13h00 : Francis Bloch (Université Paris 1 and Paris School of Economics), Bhaskar Dutta (University of Warwick) and Marcin Dzuibinsky (Warsaw University): Hiding and Seeking in Networks

– 14h30 – 15h15 : Benjamin Golub (Harvard University) and Stephen Morris (Princeton University): Coordination in Teams: Networks, Information and the Value of Resolute Optimists

– 15h15 – 16h00 : Frederic Koessler (Paris School of Economics), Marie Laclau (Paris School of Economics) and Tristan Tomala (HEC Paris): Interactive Information Design

– 16h30 – 17h15 : Thomas Demuynck (ULB), Jean-Jacques Herings (Maastricht University), Ricardo D. Saulle (Maastricht University) and Christian Seel (Maastricht University): The Myopic Stable Set for Social Environments

– 17h15 -18h00 : Nizar Allouch (University of Kent) and Maia King (Oxford University): A Network Approach to Welfare