– 09h00 – 09h30 : Alex Van Steenbergen (Federal Planning Bureau): “Belgian transport policy through direct taxation: an overview”.

– 09h30 – 10h00 : Christophe Speth (CEREC, USL-B): « Reforming the Fiscal Treatment of Company Cars: CoCaTax« , joint work with Gilles Grandjean and Tom Truyts.

– 10h00 – 10h30 : Kris Boudt (VUB, Ghent University, Free University of Amsterdam): « Pension reform: Feasibility and impact of the Belgium points system for independents« , joint work with Ewoud Heyndels (VUB) and Guido Van Limberghen (VUB).

– 11h00 – 11h30 : Gerlinde Verbist (CSB, University of Antwerp):  « Redistribution in a joint income-wealth perspective: a cross-country comparison« , joint work with S. Kuypers and F. Figari.

– 11h30 – 12h00 : Stijn Van Houtven(KU Leuven) “Using regional competences for a tax shift within the personal income tax”, joint work with André Decoster.

– 12h00 – 12h30 : Tom Van Puyenbroeck (KU Leuven Brussels): « Redistribution among member states through the EU budget. »