– 09h15 – 10h00 : Glenn Magernan (ULB): « Price Updating with Production Networks »; joint work with Cedric Duprez (NBB)

– 10h00 – 10h45 : Ata Atai (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), « Multi-sided assignment games on m-partite graphs”; joint work with Marina Nunez (University of Barcelona)

– 11h15 – 12h00 : Heiner Schumacher (KULeuven), « Equilibrium Contracts and Boundedly Rational Expectations”; joint work with Heidi Thysen (London School of Economics)

– 12h00 – 12h45 : Mariam Nanumyan (UCLouvain): “Union Formation in Network Spill-over Games”; joint work with Simon Schopohl (UCLouvain Saint-Louis)