– 09h15 – 10h00 : Christian Basteck, (ECARES – ULB): « Electing moderates »; joint work with Marco Mantovani

– 10h00 – 10h45 : Marco Mantovani (DEMS, University of Milan – Bicocca): ”Information aggregation in asset markets: risk, beliefs and institutions”; joint work with Antonio Filippin

– 11h15 – 12h00 : Tom Truyts (CEREC – Université Saint-Louis): “Signaling in Auctions: Experimental Evidence”; joint work with Olivier Bos, Sander Onderstal et Francisco Gomez-Martinez

– 12h00 – 12h45 : Martin Van den Linden (Utah State University) : “The Shape of Water: Maritime border, Coastal land, and International Conflicts” ; joint work with Rafael Treibich and Ryan Tierney.